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Leanweb provides a smart knowledge sharing for businesses and academic institutions. Our team of experts leverage on artificial intelligence tools to create optimised interactive courses and guides.

Save time and money when sharing knowledge through Learnweb.

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Our Services

Elearning Solutions

Our Elearning solutions include creation and hosting of courses for educators and trainers. Have ability to sell course to unlimited students.

Operating Procedures

We help organisations create, compile and share standard operating procedures with their teams. This optimises operation efficiency and onboarding.

Corporate Training System

We develop, optimise and host corporate training systems that help organisations efficiently train and improve their teams on a single platform.

Product Demos & Tutorials

We develop product demos and tutorials for businesses and startups. Product demos and tutorials include write ups and videos.

AI Generated Solutions

We leverage on a variety of AI tools to help you craft ideal content and media to share knowledge. Our solutions include:

Text To Image Generators

Create captivating graphics to better communicate your message.

Presentation Generators

Craft faster professional presentations powered by AI presentation generators.

Text to Audio Generators

Convert your text guides to audio to enhance your communication.

AI Video Editting

Create captivating video content to engage your learners or users. Professional edits inclussive of captions.

Learnweb Benefits

Centralised Hosting

Save all your documents, images and videos in one online secure platform.

Commercial Rights

Get 100% commercial rights to sell or offer access to your content.

Unlimited Students

Manage unlimited number of users or students in your courses.

FAQ (Frequently
Asked Questions)

Learnweb is a product of Finahost Online Solutions that’s is focused on offering superior education content for organizations and academic institutions.

We help you develop quick course content and provide a secure platform where you can share the information with your learners.

We have different pricing  packages that depend on specific factors such as: amount of content needed, preferred delivery options, topic type and expected turn around time. Contact our sales team to get an accurate price quotation. Contact Us

We charge a one-off course creation fee where we share all created course materials with the trainer. We also charge an optional online annual learning management system fee for trainers who want to host or sell their online course. 

Online learning management system turns your physical course into an online course. Students or users can subscribe to your course, take online classes, download workbooks, take online tests and receive results/certification. 

We provide different types of course content based on your preferred channel. These types include audio, video, graphics, fillable pdf, presentations, course curriculum, word documents quizzes and tests.

We offer trainers and organizations a paywall through which they control access to the course. You can allow specific students to access the course after meeting your set requirements.

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