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Academic education is good
But not always sufficient.

Learnweb was founded by Finahost Online Solutions after experiencing great difficutly while trying to run and hire individuals for it’s startup projects.Getting the right skills for a specific job was the greatest problem. So we set out to change this:

Specific Skills Training

Customising courses to offer what’s needed to perform specified tasks. We dwell on impacting these skills in the shortest time possible.

Continous Support

We offer continous support to our students even after the course duration. These enables a consultatative model that guarantees longterm value.

Complementary Offers

Our students benefit from complentary offers on premium software, tools, products and market referrals that helps them scale faster. 

Founder Say: History
The future of learning

This project and early courses were taught by Mr.Joseph Muongi Kamau; the founder of Finahost Online Solutions. He dropped out of a phD in Business Adminitration degree to focus on entrepreneurial ventures. He holds experience in different business contexts.

He founded learnweb on the premise that academic education is good but not sufficient. These project will pioneer a change in approach to education where focus will be based more on value created from learned skills.

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